Courtney Stodden Says She's Been Victimized by 'Very Powerful Men in Hollywood'

Courtney Stodden, who recently opened up about her battle with depression, said in a new interview that she was "victimized" by "very powerful men in Hollywood."

Stodden came forward in an interview with Radar Online. She did not name names, but said the harassment got worse after she moved to Hollywood with her husband, actor Doug Hutchison.

The 23-year-old said she has been dealing with bullies her entire life, and decided it was time to stand up for herself.

"This specifically means not allowing people to take advantage of me in compromising situations," she told Radar Online.

When asked why she waited until now to tell her story, Stodden blamed her insecurities and her youth.

"Because of my insecurities and being a young girl, I was afraid what would happen if I wouldn't fought back or have said now," she said. She also claims to have had a "bad experience" with Harvey Weinstein, but did not go into detail.

"This is another example of why my depressive state is difficult to manage," Stodden said.

Stodden told Radar Online that her friends, therapy, and "channels for emotional expression" have helped her "face my demons, acknowledge them and gain strength in myself."

She continued, "This means turning a new leaf, being honest with myself, not pretending anymore to smile when I feel like crying, saying how I feel and what I feel... and standing up for myself even if it's scary to do so."

Stodden became a national celebrity when she married Hutchison when she was 16. The two are still married, but are legally separated. She opened up about her battle with depression on Instagram last week.


"I feel too much," Stodden write in a caption to a black and white picture of herself. "I soak up too much energy from myself and others. I love too deeply. I'm extremely insecure. Terribly childlike and vulnerable. This is me and my struggle with depression. But I have faith I'll prevail. If you're a sufferer of anxiety or depression – know that you aren't alone."

Photo credit: Instagram/ Courtney Stodden