Courteney Cox Admits to Regretting Her Facial Fillers

Courteney Cox knows she went too far with facial fillers in the past. The Scream 6 star, 58, opened up about her biggest beauty regret and experience with injectables during Tuesday's episode of Gloss Angeles Beauty Podcast, calling her filler usage a "domino effect" that spiraled out of control. 

"It's a domino effect," she told podcast hosts Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan. "You don't realize that you look a little off, so then you keep doing more, 'cause you look normal to yourself." She continued, "You look in the mirror and go, 'Oh, that looks good,' you think, and you don't realize what it looks like to the outside person and just doing too many fillers and having to have them removed, which thank god they are removable, I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I can, I was able to reverse most of that, now I'm actually just older."

The Friends actress also revealed that she had previously considered posting before-and-after shots of herself with filler and after she had gotten it dissolved or removed, but got pushback from her publicist. Still today, she's shocked when she looked back at old photos of herself. "I look at pictures of me when I thought I looked OK," she added, "and I can't believe it."

This isn't the first time Cox has spoken out about her previous overuse of fillers and the speculation surrounding her appearance. "The scrutiny is intense, but I don't know if it could be more intense than what I put on myself," she told The Sunday Times in February 2022. It was that constant public discussion about her appearance that ultimately led her to remove the filler. 

"There was a time when you go, 'Oh, I'm changing. I'm looking older.' And I tried to chase that youthfulness for years," she said at the time. "And I didn't realize that, oh, s-, I'm actually looking really strange with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now." It wasn't just the fillers Cox regrets. "Thinking that I was getting older when I was really young, that's just a bummer, a waste of time," she said. "I messed up a lot, and luckily I was able to reverse most of that. And now I'm just older."