Corey Feldman Again Condemns Matt Lauer: 'He Is the Problem'

Corey Feldman was one of the first celebrities to condemn Matt Lauer after he was fired from NBC for "inappropriate sexual behavior" — and now he's reiterating his disgust for the former broadcaster.

In an appearance on Dr. Oz Monday, Feldman recalled his interview with Lauer in October to discuss the sexual abuse Feldman says he experienced as a child actor in Hollywood. In his appearance on Dr. Oz, Feldman once again called out Lauer for his skeptical line of questioning.

"When I sat down with Matt, it was like I was being grilled," the 46-year-old said. "So much so that at one point he said to me, 'We've been down this road, Corey,' … I was really blown away. I was taken aback. Where do you get the audacity to come at me?"

"So when this came out that he himself was a predator, it made perfect sense to me," Feldman continued. "He is the problem. Not him, but he epitomizes the problem. The way he behaved is a perfect example of the hierarchy and the mental abuse, the shaming, the power play of 'I'm bigger than you' … that's what this is about. And that's exactly how these predators get over on these victims."

Feldman also addressed the newly recovered audio files of his 1993 interview with Santa Barbara detectives in which he explicitly named several men in Hollywood he says abused him as a young boy.

"The way all of this continues to unfold is way beyond me. This is not something I could orchestrate," he said. "So let's go back to these tapes. Let's talk about how this all came about. Six months ago, I moved into a new home. I was cleaning out my garage and I happened to be rummaging through some boxes and I found the tape. Then I forgot where I put it. Somehow it ended up in the back of my car. A week ago, I was cleaning out the back of my car and I found that tape again, so I emailed [Dr. Oz]."

"The very next day, I wake up in the morning to Google Alerts that say Santa Barbara police found the tape," he continued. "I thought that [Dr. Oz] called the Santa Barbara police and told them, 'Hey, we've got the tapes.' I could not believe for a second that the exact same day, within 24 hours of me finding my copy, they found their copy and they went to the press."

On Monday's episode of Dr. Oz, various parts of Feldman's interview with police were played. During the 1993 interview, Feldman told detectives that Jon Grissom had sexually abused him when he was 15. (Feldman publicly accused Gissom of sexual assault on Dr. Oz last month.)

Detectives seemed uninterested in Feldman's accusation and kept turning the conversation back to Michael Jackson, who was the initial subject of the interview and who Feldman continued to defend.

At one point, they asked Feldman if he knew where Grissom was, to which Feldman responded that he believed Grissom was back in California.

"If we run across him, we'll let you know," the detective said with a laugh.

"I feel like I've spent my entire life fighting this battle and nobody's ever listened," Feldman said. "Nothing's happening, as far as I know. … You've got to look at the fact that LAPD is still not investigating."

When asked if he feels vindicated, Feldman said "not yet."


"Vindication will come when my best friend [Corey Haim]'s perpetrator is behind bars, when the people that molested me are behind bars, and when my good friend Michael Jackson is fully exonerated in the public opinion because he was never a predator," he said. "Michael Jackson needs to be cleared, for once and for all, which I could believe this could actually lead to."