Corey Feldman Alleges Actor Jon Grissom Molested Him

Corey Feldman publicly accused actor Jon Grissom of molesting him when he was a child actor in Hollywood in the 1980s, the Huffington Post reports.

Feldman, now 46, revealed the identity of one of his alleged molesters while appearing on The Dr. Oz Show on Thursday.

Grissom has appeared in the 1980s movies License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream, both of which starred Feldman.

Feldman also maintains that Grissom has a Myspace profile with photos of him and Feldman together.

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This is the first time Feldman has named any specific people after he threatened to expose a ring of alleged pedophiles made up of Hollywood heavyweights who he claimed molested him and late fellow child star Corey Haim in the 1980s.

Feldman has appeared on numerous TV shows this week discussing his allegations and even told Megyn Kelly that he is afraid for his own security.

"The most important thing is that I have security. Somebody tried to kill me the other day. I've been arrested. This is no joke. I'm fearing for my life," Feldman said on Megyn Kelly Today.

When Kelly asked how someone tried to kill him, he said, "I had two trucks come speeding at me at the same time."

Feldman announced last week that he hopes to raise $10 million to produce a movie that will expose a number of Hollywood pedophiles.


He even said that he reported specific names to Santa Barbara police in 1993, but that they refused to look into the matter.

On Thursday's episode of Dr. Oz, Oz told Feldman that he called the Santa Barbara Police Department and that they said they have no record of Feldman naming any specific people. During the show, Feldman and Oz called the police station together backstage.