Comedian's Car Recovered After Being Stolen — But at the Worst Possible Time

Comedian Ben Cahn's stolen car saga is over, but it was too little too late. Cahn, the co-host of the TMG Studios podcast Trillionaire Mindset, had his 1984 Volvo stolen in Los Angeles on the night of Jan. 17/18. Cahn described the vehicle as his "dream car." He had paid a "high amount of money" for it at auction before spending additional cash on the ride to fix it up some more. But Cahn admitted he was "very cocky" and had a bad habit of leaving the car's key inside of it. (He had done it without issue in his previous much-less-valuable Volvo.) His luck ran out when the vehicle disappeared from his apartment complex without a trace.

Cahn, who is also known for his Succession parody videos, detailed the incident on the Jan. 20 Trillionaire Mindset episode, and gave watchers/listeners a big update on Friday's episode. The comic noted that he had received a $14,000 payout from AAA for the vehicle in exchange for turning over ownership in the event of it being found. He then took that cash and went to buy a truck. Just minutes before meeting up with the truck's owner to do the deal, he received a call from the LAPD, notifying him that his prized Volvo had been found.

"I cussed at him," Cahn recalled. "I was like, "You gotta—Are you f—ing kidding me? ... I was in disbelief and my buddy Adam, who drove me out there, got a great shot of me with my head down on the truck just in disbelief that, at the last minute, they finally found my f—ing car."

Realizing he had already signed away the Volvo, the former Vine personality went through with the truck purchase before going to inspect the recovered car. There were needles left inside it, interior pieces had been broken, and someone tore the driver's seat's "perfect pristine leather." However, it wasn't all bad news.

"I popped open the trunk, my golf clubs were still there and my surf leash and my fin, so I took those, and the tow truck guy was like 'I didn't see nothing.' And I was like, 'You're damn right you didn't,'" Cahn lightheartedly recalled.

The Trillionaire Mindset host went on to note he had the option to pay AAA back in exchange for the car, but he's sticking with his new truck.