Coco Austin Rocks Epic Spiked Dress During NYFW

Coco Austin went all out for New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, wearing a spiked dress to the Us Weekly party. The model's black skirt was covered in metallic spikes, making her a dangerous dance partner to say the least.

Austin struck a few triumphant poses in her dress on Wednesday night at the red carpet for the NYFW party. The 40-year-old was dressed in black from head to toe, with the main event being her leather mini-skirt. The short piece said a lot with a little, threatening anyone who got too close with dull spikes, it had two belt buckles at the waist, cinched over a matching leather tank top.

Austin wore black high heels to go with the ensemble, as well as a thick black bracelet on one wrist. She carried a black and red handbag, and even wore chunky black earrings as well. She sported a silver necklace in the shape of brass knuckles around her neck, leaving no doubt that she was a force to be reckoned with.

(Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Austin and her husband, Ice-T, had fun with the studded dress in front of the cameras. In one shot, Ice-T jokingly tried to grab his wife's rear end, gritting his teeth against the sharp deterrents. The Law & Order: SVU star wore mostly black himself, including an L.A. Dodgers hat, black pants and black sneakers with white soles.

Ice-T's t-shirt bore an arc of skulls along his chest, which he covered with a simple chain necklace. He wore sunglasses to the event as well, but they did not obscure his laid back expression.

Fans went wild for Austin's studded skirt. On Twitter, many showered her with compliments, saying that the spikes were a perfect accessory for her famous figure. This was just one of Austin's daring looks during New York Fashion Week, and perhaps the least revealing.

(Photo: Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Austin's other recent outfits included plenty of sheer and mess, playing with the effects of see-through clothing and strategically placed jewels and rhinestones. The model has years of experience pushing the boundaries of fashion, so many fans are unsurprised to see her baring it all at recent events.


Last month, Austin surprised fans with a sheer dress at the MTV Video Music Awards that left little to the imagination. The wardrobe's only concession to modesty was a pattern of stones laid out just right to keep Austin at PG-13. However, in one photo with Blac Chyna, that facade slipped, leaving Austin with a wardrobe malfunction on her own Instagram. Apparently unfazed, Austin left the photo up for fans to see.