Christian Bale Makes Incredible Transformation to Play Dick Cheney

A man of many dramatic looks, Christian Bale looks unrecognizable once again for a new project.

The actor stepped out in Los Angeles on Monday sporting a noticeably fuller figure and new clean-shaven hair style, a stark difference from his naturally thick brown hair and full beard.

The 43-year-old’s lack of hair is also complemented with dyed blonde eyebrows, as his are naturally dark brown. Click here to see his wild transformation.

Bale was attending a photo call to promote his new war film Hostiles, but his heavier stature and shifted features are reportedly for his role as former vice president Dick Cheney in Backseat, which is currently in production.

Bale also stepped out earlier in September to reveal his weight gain and light brows, though he hadn't shaved his head prior to filming.

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Though he didn’t share exactly how much weight he’s piled on, the actor revealed to Variety in September that his secret was “eating a lot of pies.”

Bale is the star of the upcoming politically-charged biopic, which follows Cheney throughout his career as George W. Bush’s right-hand man.

The film also stars big names like Steve Carrell as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Sam Rockwell as Bush and Amy Adams as Cheney’s wife, Lynne.

Adams and Bale also starred together in 2013’s American Hustle, another film in which Bale packed on the pounds to portray his character.

Bale is well-known in the film industry for changing up his looks for each job, losing or gaining up to 100 pounds for some roles.

The actor reportedly dropped 70 pounds for his role as Trevor Reznik in 2004’s The Machinist, weighing just 121 pounds during filming. For 2005’s Batman Begins, he quickly gained a total of 100 pounds to star as lead hero Bruce Wayne.

Bale thinned his frame dramatically for The Fighter in 2010, which led him to win the 2011 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

His willingness to transform himself paid off again as he was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in 2013 for his role in American Hustle. He gained 43 pounds to don a beer belly for the drama.


Though Bale seems to enjoy putting himself through these drastic transformations, he swears he doesn’t seek them out. “Believe me, I don’t go looking for these things,” he told Access Hollywood. “If it does happen, it’s like, ‘Oh d--n, I have to do that again, because I just tend to fall for the movie, the character, and then I’ll realize, ‘Oh, man, I gotta do that.’"

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