Chrissy Teigen Reveals She's Been Suffering From Terrible Recurring Nightmares: 'It's Ruining My Life'

Chrissy Teigen is getting candid with her fans, revealing she's been suffering from nightmares. The mom of two says when she goes to sleep, she wakes up in sweats every single night from the same recurring nightmare, and when she goes back to bed, she falls right back into the dream. While searching for relief, she told her followers that she was switching up the scenery for herself by sleeping in the guest bedroom.

"I know this sounds insane but I think I have some kind of ghost or evil spirit and I have the worst nightmares," she said in an Instagram story video, according to PEOPLE. "I will go to bed super early and I will sleep so long and I will wake up soaking wet because I have just the most terrible nightmare. It's always the same nightmare."

While she didn't spare any details about what exactly has her sweating at night, she did express how sick of it she is saying, "I'm tired of it and it's ruining my life, so I'm sleeping in a different room tonight. We'll see if this makes a difference."

Teigen, who has become known over the years for clapping back at internet trolls, appears to have assumed she would receive some hate after telling people that she's sleeping in a different room aside of her and husband John Legend's.

"I understand it's very privileged to have an extra room, but I do. It's called a guest room. It's where guests sleep when they come over. There's no guest here so I'm sleeping here tonight," she explained before adding, "I need to feel good and I can't live this way anymore. I cannot do this nightmare anymore. It's driving me insane. It's literally making me crazy. I have to stop. It has to stop."

She also took to Twitter to tell her fans that she would let them know how it goes.

On Friday morning, Teigen revealed to her concerned Twitter followers that her plan worked. "It was SO much better. I slept through the entire night, had no nightmare and woke up at a reasonable time. First time in MANY months!!" she rejoiced.


This isn't the first time Teigen has expressed her frustration with something that's preventing her from living life in a peaceful manner. Teigen, who shares daughter Luna, 3, and son, Miles, 1, with Legend, also dealt with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter Luna.

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