Chrissy Teigen Claps Back at Instagram Troll Criticizing a Firefighter Posing With Her Kids

Chrissy Teigen is never one to let an online troll get away with an insult, especially not when it involves her kids. On Monday, Nov. 11, the Cravings author shared an Instagram photo of her two kids, Luna and Miles, posing with a member of the Beverly Hills Fire Department, and she wasn't here for the negativity one person left in her comments.

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"A lifelong dream (18 months) fulfilled today for miles!" Teigen captioned the sweet shot.

"So this is what the fire departments do rather than put out the 10 fires currently in LA... nice," someone wrote, to which Teigen replied, "What a f—ing prick you are."

Along with fulfilling his lifelong dream, Miles recently passed another milestone in his young life when his mom shared that she thinks her son has officially gone from baby to toddler.

"If there were a week I could pinpoint where miles transitioned from baby to toddler, it would be this one," Teigen captioned an Instagram video of the 17-month-old eating pasta with a fork. "Feels so different!! Some people are baby people, some, toddlers. I am a happy toddler mom. thank u and goodbye to baby miles. hello, toddler!"

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While Miles is clearly a fan of buttered noodles, he isn't yet passionate about spicy foods like his famous mom is.

On her new website, Teigen responded to a fan who asked when she plans to start introducing her kids to spicy foods, to which the model replied that 3-year-old Luna appreciates them a bit more than her younger brother.


"When I was pregnant, I ate the hottest foods imaginable," she wrote. "Luna is 3 now and she can handle things spicier than most kids, especially if it’s a soup broth or something, but she much prefers things on the salty and sour side. Pickles, olives, my mom’s Thai sour milk (that sounds horrible). Miles just got into solids and is a little more on the sensitive side when it comes to traveling to flavortown. I don’t think I’ll ever pressure them into eating spicy foods, although it would make me a little more than proud if they had a passion for it one day as big as mine. We don’t actively avoid them, though. I believe in the one bite rule for most things: just try a little, be open minded, and if you don’t like it, all good!"

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