Chris Evans Wore His 'Knives Out' Sweater During Dog's Playdate With Aly Raisman's Pup

Fans are freaking out about Chris Evans and his cable-knit sweater during his visit with former Olympian Alexandra Raisman. Evans an Raisman recently met up for a dog play date, and fans quickly noticed that Evans wore the same kind of sweater he wore in the movie Knives Out last year. Between Evans in his cozy-wear and the puppies hanging out, it was practically too much for fans to handle.

Raisman posted a video of Evans holding her dog in his arms, wearing a white cable-knit sweater. Commenters quickly and enthusiastically pointed out that it was similar to the one he wore as Hugh Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out. The pattern was not quite identical, and Evans' real life sweater looked newer, but overall Evans could have been in character, as far as fans were concerned. Some even joked that this would be a bad thing for Raisman and the puppies.

When Knives Out was all the rage, Evans told an interviewer from PEOPLE that he kept "all the sweaters" from his wardrobe, so there is a chance that this one is really from the movie. In another interview with the BBC, he acknowledged that whenever he wears one, it will inevitably remind fans of the movie.

"I do get a little bit of side-eyes when I wear one now... I figure a couple of years, I can't stay away," he said.

Evans dedication to comfortable outerwear was just one more reason to love him, as far as many fans were concerned. Coupled with his enthusiasm for dogs, it was a perfect storm for social media. Evans dedicates many of his posts to Dodger, while Raisman does the same with her dog, Mylo. Together, the two may have become the biggest social media event of the decade.

"There isn't a better dog than Dodger to help socialize Mylo! Here’s to more play dates in the future," one fan commented. Another added: "Came because Mylo and Dodger were playing together. Staying because Mylo is SO CUTE! and this cuteness must be spread far and wide."


Raisman has been busy on social media lately, since announcing that he is retiring from Olympic competitions. She is not heading to Tokyo whenever the 2020 Olympics are rescheduled, and instead is looking for ways to use her public platform for good.

"A huge thank you to my fans - your support has meant everything to me," Raisman said. "I am very lucky to have been able to do something I love for so many years & I’m excited for what's next! The past 10 years have been such a whirlwind that I haven't really processed all that has happened, and sometimes I wonder whether I ever will. I've live a pretty fast-paced life and sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down, unplug from technology and take the time to appreciate what I've experienced and learned."