Chris Evans' Brother Scott Pokes Fun at His Explicit Photo Troubles

Chris Evans became a trending topic on Twitter after he allegedly, accidentally leaked an explicit photo while showing off his camera roll to fans. Not only have fans flocked to social media in order to weigh in on the topic, but celebrities have also voiced their opinions on this interesting bit of news. Evans' younger brother, Scott Evans, also seemingly poked fun at his older sibling for the ordeal by commenting on Twitter.

On Sunday, Scott wrote that he was off social media on Saturday. He then asked his fans if there was anything that he may have missed, an obvious tie back to the news related to his older brother that almost broke the internet on Saturday. Fans didn't waste any time catching him up on what he "missed."

One user responded to Scott's post by writing, "This is the MOST 'little brother' tweet of all time." Another summed up the situation with the Avengers star by writing, "You didn't miss much. It's something you probably saw growing up as brothers in the same household. Many celebrities have done worse things. He should actually be proud... it's impressive. Tell Chris to stand proud. Nothing wrong with being a man & Rock On!"

As previously mentioned, the Captain America actor allegedly posted a photo of his camera roll that contained a few explicit images. One of those images featured a meme of the actor that read, "Guard that p—," while another appeared to show male genitalia. Evans has not yet commented on this news. Although, one of his Avengers co-stars has. Shortly after news broke about Evans' alleged photo leak, Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter in order to send his friend some support.


On Twitter, Ruffalo sent some support Evans' way by sharing the "silver lining" about the situation. The Spotlight actor, who has frequently voiced his criticisms for President Donald Trump and his administration, wrote that Evans' alleged leak pales in comparison to the many embarrassing situations that the president himself has been involved in. He wrote, "Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See... silver lining." Ruffalo's tweet has also garnered plenty of attention on social media, as the message has already amassed over 200,000 likes.