Chris Cuomo Reveals Dark Thoughts After CNN Firing: 'I Was Going to Kill Everybody, Including Myself'

Chris Cuomo is speaking on the effects his firing from CNN had on his mental health. The beloved anchor was let go from the network in 2021 after it was determined that he broke journalistic code when he aided his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in his sexual harassment scandal. Chris insists that CNN was aware of him offering his brother counsel and switched up when it was made public. As a result of the firing, Chris filed a $25 million lawsuit, alleging that his career has suffered damages and that CNN previously allowed his colleagues to violate standards and practices in a bid to keep viewership and they didn't suffer similar consequences. Chris also says being fired cost him $15 million in salary that he would have earned if he had served out his final contract. He says the firing left him depressed and angry.

While apeparing on the Open Book With Anthony Scaramucci podcast, Chris says he "was going to kill everybody including [himself]" after the firing. He added: "I had to accept [my firing] because I was going to kill everybody including myself. Things can consume you. Italians are so passionate. There is damage that is relatable, there is damage that is un-relatable to people that I have to deal with, that I am working on."

Since the firing, he has launched a new show on NewsNation. His ratings aren't as good as those who had during his tenure with cnn. The New York Post reports that his NewsNation show earned just 147,000 viewers during its Oct. 2022 debut. But he says he's not tripping over the ratings.

"I'll never be that again. That was taken from me, I believe wrongly," he said. "I'll litigate that. I'm not going to b—h about it in the press…I'm trying to remember what I've been through every day, and not forgetting and falling back into what works and what will rate more and what will get me higher on the media list and what will get more people talking about me."