'Charmed's Brian Krause and Drew Fuller Give Health Update on Co-Star Shannen Doherty

Charmed alum Brian Krause and Drew Fuller are supporting co-star Shannen Doherty completely as she continues her battle with breast cancer. The actors shared an update on Doherty's well-being at 90s Con over the weekend, sharing the latest on the actress following her 2020 announcement that her cancer had returned after initially being diagnosed in 2015. 

"She's amazing. She's a f--king warrior," Fuller told E! News during the convention, which included a Charmed cast reunion also featuring Doherty, Dorian Gregory, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs. "She is so cool and calm and powerful. I'm in awe of her strength, and I'm constantly inspired by her." Krause agreed, saying that Doherty teaches him "that you got to keep throwing punches." He added, "I think she's underestimating how strong she is and strong-willed and determined. She's an inspiration, for sure."

Doherty has spent the last few years being treated for stage 4 breast cancer after first being diagnosed in 2015. Two years later, she entered remission, but in 2020, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star shared that her cancer had returned as stage 4. She's since kept fans updated on her health on social media, even sharing the more difficult parts of her cancer battle. 

"Is it all pretty? NO but it's truthful and my hope in sharing is that we all become more educated, more familiar with what cancer looks like," she wrote on Instagram in October 2021. "I hope I encourage people to get mammograms, to get regular checkups, to cut thru the fear and face whatever might be in front of you."

Doherty also told reporters she has "a responsibility" to set straight misconceptions around cancer during a virtual panel for her Lifetime movie List of a Lifetime. "I feel like I have a responsibility in my more public life, which I separate from my acting life ... to talk about cancer and perhaps educate people more and let people know that people with stage 4 are very much alive and very active," she said.

Doherty added in 2020 that she stays hopeful when it comes to treatment options in the future.  "There are so many different clinical trials going on at the moment," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think that almost every cancer patient is sort of chasing it. You're chasing the meds. Your meds keep working and working and working and then at some point, perhaps your body shuts down to them and you run out of different protocols to use. But really, you're just hoping that by the time that happens, they have something else. And normally they do."