Celine Dion, Battling a 'Nasty' Virus, Cancels Another Show

Celine Dion has cancelled another show as she fights off an illness, though the nature of her condition is up for debate.

Dion cancelled her show on Saturday night amid rumors that she had come down with "a nasty virus." However, her rep denied those stories, telling Page Six that Dion was just a little "under the weather." Dion and her team have stated twice now that the shows were cancelled on doctors' orders.

Dion announced the cancellations on Twitter, where she posted two pairs of nearly identical statements. On Saturday, she tweeted: "TONIGHT'S SHOW CANCELLED. We regret to inform you that tonight's performance of 'Céline' at @ColosseumatCP has been cancelled. Céline is on doctor's orders to take tonight to rest. Céline is expected to resume performances at The Colosseum as scheduled on Tuesday, Jan. 9. - TC."

A few moments later, she tweeted the exact same message in French. On Tuesday, however, she posted the exact same announcement word for word, except that the date of her expected return was changed to Friday, Jan. 12. That message was tweeted in French as well. While fans are replying with words of support and well-wishes for Dion, they're speculating that this amount of time off might represent more than just feeling "under the weather."

Dion could be feeling down after her awkward encounter on stage this past weekend, when a drunken fan joined her for an intimate hug. The woman, who was clearly in a stupor, somehow got past security, made it to Dion's side, and told her that her son had just had a bone marrow transplant.


Rather than dismissing her, Dion soothed the clearly distressed woman. "You know what?" the singer said. "We've got babies that we love, and we're going to fight for them."

Hopefully Dion's trademark humility and gentleness made that fan's night, regardless of the headache she woke up with the next morning.