CBS Game Show Favorite Roxanne Rosedale Has Died

She was on the game shows 'Winner Take All' and 'Beat the Clock' in the late '40s and early '50s.

A game show icon has passed away. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roxanne Rosedale, the model and actress who was on the 1950s game show Beat the Clock, died at 95. Her daughter, Ann Roddy, told the outlet that Rosedale died on May 2 in an assisted care facility in Minneapolis. Known professionally as Roxanne, she was born on March 20, 1929 in Minneapolis and studied fashion design at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts. After coming in second in the Miss Minneapolis beauty pageant in 1947, Rosedale became a model with the Harry Conover agency and studied with Lee Strasberg at The Actors Studio.

That following year, Rosedale made her TV debut on the game show Winner Take All on CBS in 1948. It was hosted by Bud Collyer. After it was canceled after two seasons, the two moved to Beat the Clock. It initially aired on CBS from 1950 to 1958 before moving to ABC until 1961. Rosedale left Beat the Clock in 1955 after marrying businessman Tom Roddy in 1954 and getting pregnant with her first child, Ann. On Beat the Clock, Rosedale would take pictures with a Sylvania camera and pose beside prizes.

Rosedale made quite the name for herself while on the game show. She landed covers of Life, Look, and TV Guide and had a doll named after her. The Roxanne Dolls were exactly like Rosedale, complete with a Beat the Clock tag on her wrist along with a tiny camera. Even Rosedale herself would hand them out on the show. During her time on Beat the Clock, Rosedale appeared in the CBS drama Casey, Crime Photographer and the syndicated anthology series Broadway Television Theatre in 1952. She also was in the films The Seven Year Itch in 1955 and The Young Don't Cry In 1957.

Roxanne Rosedale moved to Broadway in 1956, appearing in A Hatful of Rain. After also appearing in The Young Don't Cry, she moved back to Minnesota, where she worked for a furrier, continued modeling, and appeared in local commercials. She and her family then relocated to Palo Alto, California. Rosedale and Tom Roddy have five children together in total and divorced in 1979. She later married Minneapolis lawyer and judge Stanley Shanedling.

Rosedale is survived by her children, her four grandchildren, her four great-grandchildren, and her sister, Kitty.