Cardi B Wardrobe Malfunction at the Billboard Music Awards Made Twitter Erupt with Replies

Twitter was aflutter Wednesday night after a Photoshopped picture of Cardi B at the Billboard Music Awards made its way around the internet.

In the photo, Cardi kisses husband Offset while the Migos rapper lifts her leg into the air, causing her slitted dress to slip back and reveal perhaps more than what Cardi intended.

Although the "Money" rapper took to Instagram later to say that the photo was edited and that she did not, in fact, reveal herself, that didn't stop Twitter users from freaking out over the NSFW image.

Some weren't pleased with the photo and shamed the 26-year-old for it. "I wonder how cardi b lives her life.. like WTF is this.. what happened to being responsible. N.B do not zoom," one Twitter user wrote.

But others defended Cardi for the slip-up.

"Everyone leave [Cardi B] alone, an inch of her ass shows under her dress and y’all want to zoom in and react like the world is over," one user wrote.

Someone else told the people sharing the edited photo to "do better."

Others simply gushed over how much they liked the dress in general.

"That's a bad dress, girl!" someone said.

After the awards ceremony, in classic Cardi B fashion, she took to Instagram to share a video of herself stripped down to her birthday suit to give a very NSFW anatomy lesson.

"Y'all motherf—rs going around with this f—ing picture Photoshopping it even more like, 'Oh, Cardi p—, Cardi p—,'" she said in the clip, which has since been taken down from her page. "First of all, that ain't my p—. My p— right here. This where I birthed my daughter from."

"This right here, the part that shows when I go like this," she continued, lifting up her leg. "That's just my ass. You know when you got a fat ass. That s— gets fat right here. This the part right here, this the part that gives the d— comfort. Know what I'm saying? This the part when you go like this, in and out, that's what this n— feel. That's my ass."

Before ending the very informative lesson, she referenced her former career as an exotic dancer. "Y'all want to look at my p— so bad? You should've went to see me when I was a motherf—ing stripper and I was promoting myself, like, 'Come see me,'" she said. "Now, too bad!"

After one fan called her out on Twitter for posting the NSFW video, saying she simply made matters worse, she clapped back. "Naaa ya just be mad cause ya wanna drag me then when I show yaaa I don’t give a f— ya complain about that too. I didn’t even show my p—," she wrote.

Cardi had a huge night at the awards ceremony, winning six awards total, including the Top 100 Hot Song award for her collaboration with Maroon 5, "Girls Like You," and Top Female Rap Artist. She was up for 21 nominations total at the show.


On Thursday morning, Cardi took to Instagram to thank her fans for all their support. In the photo, she posed with her new hardware.

(Photo: Instagram / @iamcardib)

"Thank you soo much everybody for the support. I know I’m one crazy bitch and I express my self too much," she captioned the photo. "I be having ya like 'here this b— go again' but hey! stick with me, I mean no harm. naaa but seriously thank ya for riding and supporting me. Ya keep me motivated to keep on pushing!"