Cameron Mathison Reveals How Life Has Changed Post Cancer Amid Pandemic (Exclusive)

Television host and Emmy nominated actor Cameron Mathison had his world flipped upside down in 2019 when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Following an already tough year health-wise, he rolled right into 2020, which started rough with the heartbreaking death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and went straight into a pandemic. In an exclusive interview with, the Hallmark movie actor opened up about what it was like being immune-compromised in an already scary time for everyone else in the world, and how he's choosing to celebrate Father's Day this year cancer-free.

"Well, it's definitely perspective-shifting for sure," Mathison confessed to PopCulture before stating how he is focused on staying positive and putting his mind in the right place while pushing forward. "There's this kind of like, lack of being able to accept reality because it's just so shocking over-and-over again. Honestly, what I do is I just really upped my gratitude, really upped my ability to be kind and present and compassionate and loving."

He goes on to add that in these "challenging conditions," it's important to take these adverse moments and "learn to really kind of transform them into improving our inner qualities" for a better self. "And that's really what I try to do. 'Cause if I get caught up in the negativity, it can be pretty — obviously for all of us — it can be pretty tough."

While 2020 has proven to be a difficult and emotional year for so many around the world between a number of devastating storms and more recently the heartbreaking death of George Floyd, which reignited the Black Lives Matter movement protesting against police brutality and systemic racism, the coronavirus pandemic has led to unexpected deaths, health precautions and deep financial loss among Americans. But, for Mathison, his health was already at risk and became an even bigger target when COVID-19 started claiming lives. The former All My Children actor discloses how doctors believe his cancer started forming over a decade ago, which was only caught recently and luckily before it spread, and in light of this life-changing year, Father's Day has a little more meaning this year to the Canadian.

Now that the special holiday is right around the corner, the 50-year-old is celebrating, even more, this year now that he is cancer-free, taking advantage of every minute he has with the kids as they grow older. "Nothing in my life means more to me than being a dad to Lucas and Leila, that's my kids, and they're both young teenagers now [...] it's just taught me so much. Like, the instant they came into my life, was the perfect lesson to truly learn how to deeply cherish somebody else. To become completely other-centric, you know, it's such a beautiful lesson. As they get a little bit older too, it has helped me be mindful and learn to appreciate every single second."


With the holiday being a signature Hallmark-centric one, Mathison is no stranger to the brand, starring in many of the network's films like Very, Very, Valentine; Love, of Course; and A Christmas to Remember, in addition to co-hosting Home and Family alongside Debbie Matenopoulos. Because of this expertise, choosing to use Hallmark cards to celebrate was not even a question.

"I mean, I love Father's Day. We're big on handwritten Hallmark cards in our house. It's a big deal," he said. As a result, Mathison has partnered with Hallmark Cards this year by creating a gift guide for those looking for the perfect gift to give dad this year. Mathison will also be putting his gift guide up on Instagram for those needing a few ideas. In the meantime, the father-of-two is staying ready for when production starts up again, as he'll be starring in a new Hallmark film.