Caitlyn Jenner Car Accident Victims Have Not Received Payment

Caitlyn Jenner was tasked to pay an $800,000 settlement following a fatal car crash she reportedly caused, but families of the victims claim they have not received their share.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the Wolf-Millesi family appeared in court last week claiming they "are still waiting for two checks" from Jenner's camp, as outlined in the settlement.

They visited the court to ask for help in determining why the full settlement amount has not yet been deposited in their account. The agreement was made last December and the family claims they should have received the money at this time.

The payouts stem from a fatal car accident on February 7, 2015, during which Peter Wolf-Millesi was driving a Hummer on the Pacific Coast Highway and struck a Lexus that was pushed into oncoming traffic after having been rear-ended by Jenner. The driver of the Lexus died at the scene of the accident.

Jenner previously settled lawsuits with the Lexus driver's stepchildren, as well as a woman who was driving a Prius that Jenner also hit during the fatal incident.

As a result of the accident, Peter and Lea Wolf-Millesi were awarded a collection of $100,000 each and their two children, one of whom was only four weeks old at the time, would each receive $50,000 each. Elga Maurer, an 73-year-old woman in the car who suffered a fractured neck, was awarded $500,000 for her sustained injuries.

The family's $250,000 in attorney's fees were also outlined to be covered by Jenner after a portion of the payments were covered by insurance.

The Blast reports that it is unclear which checks the family has not yet received, but the court determined that if the money is not deposited by April 24, the family and Jenner will all return to court.

While Jenner has reportedly neglected to pay victims of the fatal crash, she has been active on social media this week to share her own health issues.

The former Keeping Up With the Kardashians personality shared on Instagram Tuesday that she had a patch of sun damage removed from her nose, revealing a photo of her blistered, bloody face.

(Photo: Instagram / @caitlynjenner)

"I recently had to get some sun damage removed from my nose. PSA - always wear your sunblock!" she wrote alongside the photo.

Jenner did not specify if the sun damage was cancerous, but People reportedly confirmed that she had a cancerous basal cell carcinoma removed from her nose. Treatments for the commonly-found skin cancer include prescription creams, or in some cases, surgery.