Cailin Russo Talks New Song 'High', Credits Justin Bieber as 'Gatekeeper' of Her Career (Exclusive)

You may remember her from Justin Bieber's music video 'All That Matters' but if you think Cailin [...]

You may remember her from Justin Bieber's music video "All That Matters" but if you think Cailin Russo isn't a ball of musical talent herself, think again. While she was thrust into the public eye after that video release in 2013, she's now showing fans she's more than the girl who sparked Bieber romance rumors. Recently, Russo released a music video to her song "High" and detailed in an exclusive interview with why she partnered with avatar-based social network IMVU to create her music video.

"The inspiration behind it [...] it's like just really showing up for the song, like there's no hesitancy anywhere in it," the young singer and songwriter explained in our PopCulture @ Home series. "[...] I think the whole song is about being upfront about the state you're in — even though I don't do drugs, I don't smoke weed. I don't do anything and like, it's just a state of mind but I'm like, it's so present and aware and I think maybe subliminally that's what the song is about."

Instead of making a traditional music video, Russo teamed up with IMVU — the largest avatar-based social network designed to enable authentic human connection and empower people to express their true selves. Having collaborated with IMVU before in her "Santa Fe" music video, Russo said she loved her avatar's designer, Kumi, so much that she decided to work with the company again.

"[...] She's just like, so over the top and so bombshelly, and I'm kind of in a place now where I'm like, I don't really wanna hold back on anything. So if I'm gonna make this avatar, I want her to just be ridiculous and I want her to be so fearless and just like unapologetic. I think that's a space that people need to see and if I can't do it physically, then I'm gonna do it animated," she explained.

Russo grew up with music, but after appearing in Bieber's video, she hadn't yet broken out of her shell musically speaking. Crediting the young pop star as the "gatekeeper" on opening new doors for her, Russo was ready for her fans to see her in a different light. "He was the gatekeeper for sure. I mean, he really just put me on so hard and I think that opened the door for people to see me, and then it was up to me to use it to my advantage."

She added, "Being in a music video doesn't necessarily scream musician." The young talent further explained that while she and Bieber don't keep in touch — though if they see each other out they're cordial — she did note her support for him and his wife, Hailey Bieber.

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