Brooks Laich Addresses His 'Sex Drive' While Quarantining Away From Wife Julianne Hough

Brooks Laich is always one to keep it real with his listeners on his podcast How Men Think, and recently he opened up about his sex drive during quarantine. Currently, he and wife Julianne Hough are isolating separately with the NHL player in Idaho and the former Dancing With the Stars judge in Los Angeles, California. As a result of all of labor work Laich has been doing around his property, he says he's too exhausted to think about sex at the moment.

"I'm in Idaho, my wife is in L.A., so not much of that [sex] going on here," the 36-year-old explained. "I would probably lose my sex drive when stress ramps up, that's just what I feel in this situation." He then detailed his day-to-day work saying, "It's all Idaho bush, I'm cutting down trees, clearing brush. After that, I cook supper and I make a fire and then I'm wiped out, I really don't have a sexual charge, I'm so wiped out."

Lately, Laich and Hough have been making headlines for rumors that are swirling that the couple is having serious troubles with their marriage. Because of this, he also addressed on his podcast that even if she were there with him, away from the city lights, he would still likely not be in the mood for anything intimate. "During this quarantine time, I'm not in the proximity to my wife. I'm not in the same room with her, and what I'm doing here, that my sex drive wouldn't be at its peak."

The past several months, fans have wondered what's been going on with the couple since they don't seem to be spending a lot of time together, but both have remained positive when speaking publicly about what's going on, while remaining vague. "I've been on my own," Hough told Oprah magazine. "My husband is in Idaho doing lots of yard work ... and so we're kind of doing our separate things right now. But it's really been a magical time." She added that she's "really enjoying this time" so that she can "connect to what's really important" in her life.

Her statement falls just days after she was seen with actor Ben Barnes. She and the Chronicles of Narnia star were spotted together in L.A. as they were both causally dressed. This only gave fans more of a reason to speculate that Laich and Hough aren't doing well, then a source came forward and told Us Weekly that "Julianne and Brooks are not doing well," giving more reason to why they may be quarantining separately.