Brooke Shields Poses in Calvin Klein 37 Years Later and It's Too Hot to Handle

37 years later, Brooke Shields redefines the meaning of her classic line: "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."

(Photo: Calvin Klein; Gian Andrea di Stefano / Social Life Magazine)

The model, now 52, posed for Social Life Magazine's July 4 issue wearing only what her last Calvin Klein campaign was missing—her underwear.

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Shields rose to fame in 1980 when she starred in the brand's jean print and commercial campaign. At the time, the ad was pulled from some networks after being deemed too sexual in nature. My, how times have changed.

Looking at Shields' iconic denim-clad shoot next to her recent snap, the model and actress has clearly put in major work to keep her body looking trim and youthful. Earlier this year, she took to Instagram to share her body-sculpting goals, as well as her progress!

While she told Healthy Living magazine that there's no secret or trick to being healthy, Shields shared that spinning and yoga are the workouts that work best for her body.

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"Spinning is the only way I ever lose weight," she told Shape. "It's purely about keeping my heart rate up and burning calories."

"I don't lift weights," she said to Fitness magazine. "It's easy for me to bulk up. I keep my muscles toned by doing yoga."

As for the brunette beauty's diet, she says carbs get cut when she wants to drop a few pounds, but she never limits herself of life's simple (or sweet) pleasures.


"I try not to deny myself, because if I do, it turns into this major internal battle," she says. "So I pop a couple of Dove Miniatures. I can satisfy myself without going overboard."