Britney Spears Unveils New Dance Routine in Workout Clip

Britney Spears is serious about her fit figure, and the pop star knows that one way to keep in shape is to vary your workouts.

She did just that on Monday, sharing a video of herself getting her dance on in a studio with a friend.

The pair performed to Janet Jackson's "All Nite," with Spears displaying the dance talent she's known for as she twirled and hair flipped her way through the energetic routine.

"It always amazes me how different your body looks and feels when learning new moves and creating your own routines!" Spears wrote. "Doing the same things while working out can get pretty stagnant, which is why I love dancing! Had so much fun working on this combo with @mikeypesante!"

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Spears revealed that while she tries to eat healthy most of the time, there are days when she craves a bit of fast food.

"Sometimes I'm just like, 'I want a hamburger!' but when I'm in work mode, I want [to eat] very clean. I want clean chicken and veggies that's it," she revealed."My stomach is so sensitive, if I have a steak, I will be sick for three days."

"The burger is fine, but I have the small burgers from McDonald's," she revealed. "The happy meal!"

The mom of two is currently on her Piece of Me World Tour, which will see her perform a series of shows in the United States before heading to Europe.

"This round of shows that we are doing on tour, they are back to back, so each show is like... I don't have time apart, besides flying," she said. "My show is a workout in itself. It really keeps you strong."

Spears added that she will be joined on tour by her sons, 12-year-old Sean Preston and 11-year-old Jayden James, noting that her boys definitely have an influence on the songs fans will hear on the road.

"They will come with me. They enjoy it," Spears said.


"My kids, they have been putting new remixes into my show and stuff... there is one of the new songs on the radio, and [my son is] like, 'Mom, that is so cool!'" she continued. "So I'm putting all these different new songs in my show, so they are coming along."

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