Britney Spears Shows off Smile and Bikini Bod on Relaxing Tropical Mother-Daughter Trip

Britney Spears looks happy and healthy on the beach and seems to be living her best life on vacation!

After several months of turmoil, the 37-year-old pop star took a vacation to Turks and Caicos Island with her mom Lynne Spears.

Spears posted a series of bikini photos to her Instagram account, keeping her fans updated on her much needed R&R time.

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"Britney was so excited to get there and was giddy when she saw how beautiful the hotel, pool and beach are," someone who spotted the singer told E! News. "She couldn't believe her eyes and was in awe. She said she was in paradise and didn't ever want to leave."

The onlooker continued, "Britney couldn't wait to get down to the beach on Friday. They had chairs set up on the top rocks overlooking the sand. [Britney and her mom] seemed very content and comfortable on their chairs watching the waves crash and the boats sail by. Britney climbed down some rocks and played in the sand."

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This is my kind of place

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Spears also appeared to take her relaxation to another level when she was seen doing "some stretches and yoga poses on the sand" while chatting with her mom.

The mother, daughter pair were seen "laughing together and having a great time."

Spears posted a video of her partaking in several beach activities while jamming to Enrique Iglesias's song "Bailando."

"[Britney] was dancing around and singing to herself," the eyewitness continued. "She had the best time in the crystal-clear water. After the beach, they went to the pool, where they ordered lunch and relaxed together on a daybed."

Spears has been dealing with a lot regarding her mental health for the last decade or so. It started in 2007 when she had a meltdown, then she entered a mental health facility and canceled her Las Vegas residency after her dad Jamie Spears experienced a serious health issue.


Fans are really glad to see their favorite singer enjoying some much needed time to herself.