Britney Spears Not Nearing 'Mental Breakdown,' Despite Rumors

Rumors of Britney Spears having a mental breakdown over her ongoing child support legal battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline began to circulate with the tabloids this week. But according to Gossip Cop, there's no truth to them.

One of the reports, coming from a source at Radar Online, said Spears' family was worried about her mental health.

"She's freaking out over this court deposition and doesn't see an end in sight to all the ugliness with Kevin," the source said.

"There are still some major demons that Britney has to fight on a daily basis, and her workload never lets up," they continued. "She feels the weight of the world on her shoulders right now, and her family's desperately worried about her."

Gossip Cop countered these claims by pointing out Spears' recent family vacation to Miami in early June, where she appeared to be in good health as she chronicled the trip. They also claim to have spoken to a source close to the pop star, disproving the rumors.

"Gossip Cop pointed out the wealth of available proof indicating she's actually doing just fine, and also spoke with a Spears insider on the condition of anonymity, who not only maintained the claims were 'not true,' but also insisted they were 'made-up,'" the site wrote.

Spears infamously had struggles with mental health and anxiety in 2007, shaving her head and attacking a paparazzi car with an umbrella. She was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold in early 2008.

Thanks to rehab and therapy, Spears has managed to bounce back from her breakdown and regain custody of her children Sean (12) and Jayden (11).

When Spears and Federline initially divorced in 2007, a settlement was made where Spears would cut her ex-husband a $20,000 check monthly for child support, based on how much she was making at that time. However reports of Federline approaching Spears and her legal team about renegotiating that deal for more money began to appear in February.

According to The Blast, Federline's legal team was asking for that number to be changed now that Spears has released four more successful albums and had a residency in Las Vegas where she reportedly raked in $15 million annually.

After some back and forth, Federline filed a lawsuit against Spears in May, claiming he makes around $3,000 a month while Spears "earns in excess of $34,000,000 per year.


"We had attempted to see if we could negotiate a voluntary increase in child support over the last several months, and we were not successful," Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan wrote in the lawsuit filing. "We're still hoping to resolve this without judicial intervention, but that's something that is going to be a decision they will make."

An Us Weekly source said in late May that Spears was fighting back against the lawsuit, saying "she absolutely will not allow Kevin to take advantage of her.