Britney Spears’ Mom Speaks out for First Time on Daughter’s Mental Health

Britney Spears' mental health has been the subject of intense fan scrutiny over the past few months, and her mother, Lynne Spears, has now spoken out about her daughter, giving paparazzi an update on Britney's condition on Monday.

TMZ reports that Lynne was leaving a cell phone repair shop in Thousand Oaks, California when she was asked by a paparazzo whether Britney was being held against her will. While she didn't answer that question, she did respond when asked how her daughter was doing since leaving a mental health facility last month, saying, "wonderful."

Lynne has reportedly been staying with her daughter for over a week, with the duo recently arriving at a court appearance on Friday that was also attended by Britney's father, Jamie Spears. The courtroom was closed to the media and the public shortly after the hearing began, but the Associated Press reports that the three family members had agreed to a 730 expert evaluation, which is most often used to assess the mental health and competence of a parent in a divorce case.

It was not made clear whether the evaluation is in regards to the relationship between Britney and her sons, Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, or her father's oversight of her in her conservatorship. Jamie is currently the executor of Britney's conservatorship, which was established in 2008. The singer's ex-husband Kevin Federline has custody of their sons, though the boys often visit Britney.

Lynne had previously not taken a role in her daughter's conservatorship, but filed a request on May 6 to be informed of all matters pertaining to Britney and her conservatorship, The Blast reported. She also requested to be present at last week's hearing. Jamie and Lynne divorced in 2002 and Lynne has mainly received information about Britney through Jamie for years.

Lynne's involvement comes after she liked several posts by fans about the recent #FreeBritney movement, which has fans claiming that Britney had been held against her will in a mental health facility by her father. In April, it was reported that the singer had checked herself into the facility, checking out later that month.

TMZ reports that Britney has now echoed her fans' claims and told the judge on Friday that Jamie committed her to a mental health facility a month ago against her will and forced her to take drugs. Her lawyer reportedly made the same allegation.


The judge ordered another status hearing in September.

Photo Credit: Getty / Ron Galella, Ltd.