Britney Spears Fans Concerned About Her After Easter Photo Comes out

Britney Spears fans are once again concerned about her after an Easter photo of the singer has come out.

The photo in question that leaked was most recently was shared by celebrity news blogger Perez Hilton, and features Spears appearing somewhat disheveled in a red dress with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Spears is reportedly still in treatment for mental health issues, and the new photo was snapped while she was out for a short while.

"My heart! Sending Britney Spears all of the strength and peace of mind," Perez wrote in a caption of the photo.

A number of other fans have also commented on Spears' photo, with many wishing her well, but remaining cautiously concerned for her well-being due to a belief that she may be being held against her will.

"She looks as drugged and confused as Amanda Bines looked, not like someone whos been properly medicated," one fan tweeted. "And they say she is happy and well if this isnt a staged setup i dont know what is, they completely contradicted themselves in relation to the blast article."

"I'm scared for her! This is a photo op! And she is not well," another person said. "She's a slave and why can't her mom and sister and brother be with her?!"

"That's doesn't look like Britney. She looks crazy in that picture. Definitely something wrong. Wow," someone else said.


"Someone needs to speak up for her!! Whomever is behind this need go to prison she does not look happy or well!! Looks like she is put of meds and very loopy," another Twitter user wrote.

At this time, Spears' team has not commented on her situation, but many fans believe that representatives for the singer may be using her legal conservatorship to keep her in the mental health facility without her consent.