Britney Spears' Dog Allegedly Gets Loose and Bites Elderly Man

Britney Spears will have to be extra careful with her beloved dogs after at least one of them escaped and bitten an elderly man. Sources "with direct knowledge," told TMZ Spears' Doberman named Porsha got out of her Thousand Oaks property Thursday and wandered the neighborhood. Porsha encountered an older man riding his bicycle who shared the road with him. According to insiders, the man got off his bike, and Porsha bit him in the leg before Spears' security team arrived to deal with the dog. The man ended up visiting an urgent care center to have his bite checked out. A source close to Spears said to the outlet that she'd been contacted by animal control and advised that the dog be kept on the property at all times in order to prevent it from escaping. The source claimed the incident was more of a "nip" than a bite.

In an announcement posted on his Instagram, Spears' husband, Sam Asghari, expressed his sincere thanks to a group called Dog Day Search & Rescue, which found their two escaped dogs and promoted the dog charity and the good work it does. "A huge thank you to @dogdayssar for finding our babies that ran like Forrest Gump down the road yesterday," Asghari wrote. "They're are truly the best. I've been looking for a local rescue team to team up with for such a long time. They are a none profits organization that truly help attached in my bio is a link for donation to this amazing team." It was back in October 2021 when Asghari gifted Porsha to Spears. His caption for the video reads, "Surprised my fiancé with our newest member to the Family Porsha."

The pop star's cell phone was focused on the pup and her husband, who said, "Her name is Porsha, and she's meant to unconditionally love you and is going to be trained to protect you from any motherf— that comes around you with bad intentions."There were also problems with Spears' dogs at that time. A heated exchange occurred between Spears and her housekeeper after the woman took two of her dogs to the vet because she felt they were neglected. The housekeeper showed Spears cell phone photos she'd taken of the sick dogs, but the singer believed the housekeeper was sending the pics to her father, Jamie Spears. Ultimately, the dogs were returned to their owners after two weeks of staying with the dog sitter.