'Breaking Bad' Fans Furious Over Aaron Paul's Latest Whiskey Picture Teasing '24 Hours'

Breaking Bad fans were furious on Monday morning when Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston posted new matching Instagram photos. Suddenly, the "collaboration" that fans had hoped as a Breaking Bad sequel, was beginning to look suspiciously like an ad of some kind. For many fans, this was more disappointing than nothing at all.

Paul and Cranston posted simultaneous, seemingly matching pictures on Monday for the third time in just a couple of weeks. However, while the first two posts had fans hoping for the long-rumored Breaking Bad sequel, this one suddenly had fans afraid that they were in for a product endorsement of some kind.

Paul posted a photo of himself in the same outfit as his last mysterious post, but this time he was drinking from some kind of ornate bowl. Meanwhile, Cranston wore the same outfit as well, and appeared to be sipping out of a wooden bowl or a half of a coconut.

(Photo: Instagram @glassofwhiskey)

"A collaboration so smooth you can taste it," they both wrote, with a tumbler glass emoji. "24 hours people!"

Many fans were dismayed by the implication that they would be "tasting" this collaboration rather than watching it on their TVs. It did not take long before both Paul and Cranston's comment sections filled with pre-emptive outrage, with fans promising to turn away from any product that would mislead them this way.

"All this hype for a whiskey advert will be soul destroying for BB fans," one fan wrote.

(Photo: Instagram @bryancranston)

"If this has all been about some sort of product #AD I'm going to fully sulk guys," added another. "Just sayin."

Naturally, some fans could not blame Paul, Cranston and whatever brand they presume they are working with for cashing in on this excitement. Some even appreciated the apparent shift from a TV or movie preview to a product placement.

"Thank you for making the biggest troll to Breaking Bad fans ever made!!" one person commented.
Still, we will not truly know what Paul and Cranston have in store for us until Tuesday afternoon. In the meantime, there is still plenty of evidence that we can expect a Breaking Bad sequel of some kind in the near future.

Nothing has been officially confirmed about plans for a Breaking Bad sequel, although there have been credible rumors. Back in February, Deadline reported that original series creator Vince Gilligan would direct a feature-length film, picking up the story of Jesse Pinkman (Paul) after the Breaking Bad finale.


The movie was supposed to air on AMC, then migrate over to Netflix not long after. So far, none of the people involved have commented on the alleged project, but fans' hopes are high.

Stay tuned for updates on whatever Paul and Cranston are cooking up.