Veronica Mars Actor’s Family Received Letters in Mail Day After He Committed Suicide

The day after Veronica Mars actor Brad Bufanda took his own life, letters he had written to his family arrived in the mail.

This action clearly suggests that the 34-year-old had planned his suicide in the days leading up to last Wednesday when he jumped off a building. The letters Bufanda wrote were addressed to family and friends, according to TMZ.

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It is unknown at this time if any of the letters describe why Bufanda chose to take his own life. However, it is being reported that at least one of the notes was written to thank the recipient for all their acts of generosity throughout the years.

Bufanda did leave a suicide note that the authorities found near his body. The letter mentioned the names of his parents along with a "thank you" to his loved ones.

The actor also left behind a special gift for his rep. He sent the rep his MacBook laptop as an inside joke. The rep apparently preferred PCs and Bufanda thought it would be one final prank to play on him.

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Bufanda's family was reportedly in shock that he committed suicide. They say there were no indications or signs that he was planning to take his own life. Most recently, Bufanda had wrapped filming for a leading role in Stan the Man and had auditioned for roles in several projects including Avatar 2, Black Jesus and iZombie.