Boosie Earns Mockery After Angry Video Revealing He Was Mistaken for a Rap Legend

Rap music legend Boosie was incensed last week when he was mistaken for Flavor Flav at an airport. The 38-year-old rapper posted an angry video about the encounter on social media, but that only earned him more mockery from followers there. Some said bluntly that Boosie should be grateful he was recognized at all.

Torrence Hatch has gone by the stage Name Boosie Badazz, Lil Boosie or simply Boosie since the 1990s, and he is unmistakable to die-hard fans who have been following him since those days. For others, however, he is a bit of an obscure figure in the genre, and is only recently seeing a resurgence in notoriety after spending four years in prison. For that reason, fans jeered at Boosie's Instagram Story post about his awkward airport encounter.

"I was just in the f—ing airport, lady gonna be talking bout 'Flavor Flav.' I don’t look like no damn Flavor Flav. I look like Boosie," the rapper grumbled. He wore bright red sunglasses matching his red and white hoodie, adorned with a bejeweled chain that read "Certified Steppa." He went on: "It's too early in the morning for this s—. She said, 'Flavor Flav' and kept f—ing walking. Flav you can't f— with me, man."

Fans did not show much sympathy for Boosie as his video made the rounds on social media. Some poked fun at the tone of his complaint, saying that it sounded childish. Others joked that Boosie does resemble Flavor Flav, at least to them.

"Funniest part about Boosie being mistaken for Flavor flav is how furious he was. You can tell he thinks he's a handsome man," one person wrote. Another added: "The funniest thing is that Boosie is still in his 30's getting mistaken for Flavor Flav, who was born during segregation, he better stop being ignorant its aging him." A third person tweeted: "I honestly do see the resemblance in boosie and Flavor Flav."


Eventually, Flavor Flav himself responded as fans clued him in to the comparisons. In a public vidoe of his own, he said: "I don't look like no Lil Boosie, if anything Lil Boosie look like me! I was here first! You know what I'm saying? Hey — I'm a big fan of Lil Boosie, but Boosie can't f— with Flav."

Boosie rose to prominence with the hip hop collective known as Concentration Camp, but went solo in the early 2000s. He was sentenced to four years in prison in 2009 on drug and gun charges and was indicted on first-degree murder charges the following year. He served five years in prison but was released early in 2014. Since then, fans tend to have mixed feelings about his new work and his social commentary.