Blink-182's Tom DeLonge Falls Ill Onstage, Still Finishes Concert

The Blink-182 guitarist said the heat stroke "was not something I've ever felt before."

Blink-182's Tom DeLonge recently fell ill while onstage, but still finished the concert anyway. DeLonge took to Instagram to share a photo of the band's concert at Asunciónico in Paraguay. In the post's caption, the singer/guitarist revealed that he suffered from heat stroke as the band was performing.

"This was about [one] min before heat stroke hit. Fell to my knees, everything went blurry, then wobbled to the side of the stage and vomited for a bit. Super fun," Delong wrote, then adding that his bandmates Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker "made up for the lost time."

"Man, this was not something I've ever felt before," DeLonge continued. "95 Degrees at a 11pm on stage. But... I made it back and finished the show. Cause that's what Navy Seals do..."

DeLonge parted ways with Hoppus and Barker back in 2015, with Alkaline Trio singer/guitarist Matt Skiba eventually becoming his official replacement. However, after multiple tours and two full-length albums with Skiba, rumors of DeLonge's return began swirling.

In October 2022, Blink-182 announced that DeLonge had officially returned to the band, rejoining with Hoppus, bassist/vocalist, and Barker, drummer. The band later began touring after putting out a new single, "Edging." One year later, the band released their ninth studio album, One More Time..., their first with DeLonge since 2011's Neighborhoods.

Blink-182 are currently touring internationally before they return to tour North America this summer.