Blake Lively Dressed as Baby Spice as a Teen and a Fan Just Found the Photo Proof

Leave it to Blake Lively to make fangirling look cool. Over the weekend, a throwback photo surfaced on the internet of Lively pulling out all the stops for a Spice Girls concert in 1997 when she dressed up as Baby Spice.

Twitter user @BriaMadrid posted a photo she took with Lively at her first concert — only at the time, Madrid didn't know she was posing with a future star. Complete with white platform heels, a baby blue dress and the signature blonde pigtails, Lively posed with Madrid as Baby Spice.

"Found a picture when I was 5 at my first concert. #SpiceGirls and took a picture with a girl dressed up as Baby Spice who I just realized now was @blakelively," Madrid captioned the photo.

While the photo made its way throughout the internet, it caught the eye of Lively, who re-posted it, writing on Twitter, "My secret is out." She later posted the image on her Instagram account, where it garnered more than one million likes.

"Pretending to be someone else... since 1997 (Thanks @briaaamadrid for the photo of us at the Spice Girls concert. Sorry -not sorry- I tricked you into thinking I was @emmaleebunton)," Lively captioned the image, tagging Madrid as well as Baby Spice herself, Emmalee Bunton.

(Photo: Instagram / @commentsbycelebs)

To add to the already impressive level of star power in the post, Bunton even commented on Lively's post: "So cute, you're rocking those pigtails," she commented.

Lively was apparently blown away by Bunton's comment, and replied in a comment scattered with emojis and compliments.

"I'm officially [dead]. Forever bowing down to you," Lively wrote back to Bunton. "I cannot believe you know who I am. This will never be normal."

Lively is known for her relatable public persona, especially when it comes to social media. Whether it's a witty caption, a fun throwback photo or a slight jab at husband Ryan Reynolds, fans are always gushing over the 30-year-old's social media posts.

When Reynolds was honored at the TIME 100 gala in New York City last year, Lively took to Instagram to congratulate him — with a twist, of course. The photo featured a silhouette of Reynold's face at the event in front of John Legend, who was standing on stage.

(Photo: Instagram / @blakelively)

"Congratulations to the most influential person in my life," she wrote. "The best man I know... you deserve this [TIME] 100 honor...If only my husband wasn't blocking you in this shot. I'm so sorry [John Legend]."

(Photo: Instagram / @blakelively)

Over the holidays, Lively took aim at Reynolds' less-than-stellar cookie baking skills, sharing an image of the poorly decorated treats. "[Ryan Reynolds] made some Christmas cookies......He's very handsome though," Lively captioned the image.