Bill Gates Has No Idea How Much Regular Things Cost

He may be one of the richest men alive, but Bill Gates might not be the best contestant if he ever winds up on The Price is Right.

The Microsoft founder was a guest on Ellen on Wednesday, where he and Ellen DeGeneres played a game titled "Bill's Grocery Bill," where he had to guess how much certain items were worth. If he got at least three of the prices within a dollar, the audience would win a prize.

Gates admitted it had been a while since he was in a regular grocery store buying food.

"When's the last time you were at a supermarket?" DeGeneres asked.

"Long time ago," Gates said with a grin.

The first food item was a box of Rice-a-Roni. Gates immediately shot for five dollars, even though the box was a mere one dollar.

Next up was a container of Tide pods. Thinking he'd overshot last time, he kept the price low.

"Four dollars. Nah, they want me to go higher," Gates said reacting to the crowd. "Let's go 10 dollars." It was $19.97, not even close.

Gates managed to redeem himself by getting the last three correct in a row. Next up was a container of dental floss.

"This one is my best chance," Gates said, pointing out that he flosses regularly. "I would say four dollars." It was $3.78, so he was finally on the board.

The fourth item was Totinos Pizza Rolls, which Gates immediately overshot at $22. DeGeneres let him keep guessing with help from the fans until he got down to $8, which was close enough.

The final item was a spinach artichoke dip from TGI Fridays. Gates went with four, but only after DeGeneres gave him the tip to guess lower than what the audience predicted.

Gates was a good sport about the whole ordeal, and the fans were overjoyed when they found out he'd just won them tickets to one of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways special episodes.

Twitter, on the other hand, immediately compared him to Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.


"My god bill gates is Lucille Bluth," one user tweeted.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @sunriseon7