Gloria Allred Hails Bill Cosby Verdict as 'Her-storic' Moment

Following the guilty verdict in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial, attorney Gloria Allred is calling it a "her-storic" moment.

Speaking about the victim in the trial, Andrea Constand, Allred added that this result was "not history, but the story of her," as reported by CBS News.

"We are so happy that finally we can say women are believed, and not only on #MeToo, but in a court of law where they were under oath, where they testified truthfully, where they were attacked, where they were smeared," added Allred, who represents 33 of Bill Cosby's sexual assault accusers.

"But today, this jury has shown that what the #MeToo movement is saying is that women are worthy of being believed," one of Cosby's accusers went on to say of verdict. "It is also about a victory for womanhood, and it is a victory for all sexual assault survivors, female and male."

Echoing the sentiments of Allred and the accusers, many people on Twitter are also citing the Me Too movement as a having a big impact on the retrial verdict.

"Literally gasped in my living room at the Cosby verdict. What a relief," added another Twitter user.

"Bill Cosby found guilty. Good night, you piece of s—. The strength of his accusers is everything," writer/actress Paula Pell fired off.


As was previously reported, the jury found Cosby guilty on all three sexual assault-related counts he was charged with.