Bill Cosby's Booking Photo Released Following Sentencing

Bill Cosby's booking mugshot was released hours after the disgraced actor was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for sexual assault charges.

During sentencing, the 81-year-old actor was also deemed a "sexually violent predator," meaning he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

After Judge Steven T. O'Neill denied a motion to have him under house arrest pending appeal, Cosby was transferred to processing.

In the photo, first released by ABC News, Cosby is seen looking down at the camera with a seemingly lost expression on his face. The conviction comes after an arduous legal battle that ended in April when he was found guilty of the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, in an incident that happened in 2004.

Earlier Tuesday, O'Neill sentenced Cosby to 3 to 10 years in Pennsylvania state prison, following the guilty verdict in April. As the actor had been on house arrest since his conviction, his lawyers hoped to have the judge keep him under house arrest while they planned their appeal, but the motion was denied.

"I'm not permitted to treat him any differently based on who he is or who he was," O'Neill said during sentencing. The Philadelphia Department of Corrections will determine how long Cosby's prison sentence will actually be at a later time.

During the sentencing hearing, O'Neill noted that Cosby has continued to deny the allegations of assault against him, including the one by Constand, despite multiple women testifying during the trial.

"The court's reason for not granting bail pending an appeal [is because]... he was a risk, and at this stage, I'm just not going to treat him any differently than anyone else that comes through this court. I don't see why I would," O'Neill said.


The attack against Constand occurred near Philadelphia in 2004. Constand has said in the past all she wanted was "justice as the court sees fit." Earlier this week, her statement to the court was released to the public, in which she opened up about the effects the assault had on her life.

"Bill Cosby took my beautiful, healthy young spirit and crushed it. He robbed me of my health and vitality, my open nature, and my trust in myself and others," she wrote. "We may never know the full extend of his double life as a sexual predator but his decades-long reign of terror as a serial rapist is over."