'Big Little Lies' Castmates Smother Meryl Streep With Love Messages on 70th Birthday

The cast of HBO's Big Little Lies showered well-wishes on Meryl Streep this weekend to mark her 70th birthday.

Streep turned 70 on Saturday, June 22, and her cast members were her loudest supporters. The A-list cast includes Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern, both of whom sent her loving birthday messages on social media.

"Happy Birthday, Meryl! Sending so much birthday love to this talented creature!" Witherspoon wrote on Instagram, beside a picture of Streep. "What a privilege and an honor to work with you on [Big Little Lies]!"

(Photo: Instagram @reesewitherspoon)

Witherspoon also directed her followers to her Instagram Story, where she the rest of the Big Little Lies cast discussed their favorite Meryl Streep movies and why. Meanwhile, Dern posted a vintage photo of Streep as well, followed by one of them together as co-stars.

"This girl became my legend," she wrote. "And I do declare today an international holiday. Muse Day! Here here! Then I actually got to not only meet my hero but work with her. I thank the Gods."

Streep joined the Big Little Lies cast in Season 2, playing Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgard) and mother-in-law of Celeste Wright (Nicole Kidman). She fell into the ensemble seamlessly, and helped guide the story after it surpassed the original source material -- a novel by Liane Moriarty.

(Photo: Instagram @lauradern)

On Witherspoon's Instagram Story, Kidman, Zoe Kravitz and Adam Scott all discussed Streep's long and legendary resume. After wishing her a happy birthday, they noted some of their favorite movies she had been in, including Kramer vs. Kramer, Out of Africa, Sophie's Choice, Defending Your Life and The Devil Wears Prada among others.

Streep is a 3-time Oscar Winner and a 21-time nominee. She won her first Academy Award in 190 for her work in Kramer vs. Kramer, and her second came not long after in 1983 for Sophie's Choice. After years of consistent nominations, she won her third award in 2012 for The Iron Lady.


Streep has established herself as one of the world's favorite actresses, and has been able to continue working as she approaches and age where many women find it harder to be cast in Hollywood. On top of that, Streep has proven to be hard-working, consistently taking on new and unique roles even after more than proving her talent and earning her living in blockbuster hits. As her new cast members proved, she is not done yet.

Big Little Lies airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.