'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Belittles Fan's Portrait of Her

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik is being accused of belittling a fan's portrait of her.

The whole situation began when a woman named Sarah Ellen posted a photo of the painting on Facebook.

"Sarah (Sarah Ellen on FB) the artist here. I am honored that Mayim somehow found my FB post yesterday. And I hope she continues to be flattered by my choosing her as my first portrait…even though (as my husband also noted) 'she looks a bit like a vampire,' " she wrote in a caption of the photo. "Thank you again Mayim, for all that you do for the mental health community."

Bialik then shared a screenshot of the post to Instagram and commenting, "I think a portrait of me needs more than 30 minutes. Still flattering. I think. What's with my teeth, sarah Ellen!?"

A number of Instagram users have since taken to chiding Bialik for what they perceived as rude behavior toward a fan who was attempting to do something nice.

"It's wonderful that you featured a fan's artwork, but I sincerely hope your comments were simply a poor choice for a use of sarcasm," one comment partially read.

"Day one painting, so much praise for you and what you do for mental health but you chose to shame her in front of all of your followers? That doesn't show a regard for mental health, neither do the mocking comments coming from the peanut gallery. Give this person some credit!" the user added.

"I was really disappointed to read what [Mayim Bialik] posted. I read it a few times to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding & it still comes across mocking," another user said. "I agree, build each other up, find the positive, be kind."

"You overlooked the part where she said you were her personal hero &, 'great human being,' " someone else wrote, then adding, "maybe don't mock what you inspire."

"I guess your social media manager didn't do her job with this post. You seriously need to work on your sense of humor, Mayim. And be more careful of what and how you post sometimes," one other user commented.


At this time, Bialik does not appear to have clarified or apologized for her comments, but someone taking credit as the artist posted that they were honored by her sharing the portrait.