Beth Chapman Reveals Her Christmas Wish in Heartwarming Post

Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, shared her wish for Christmas in a touching Facebook re-post on Tuesday.

Chapman is back in the fight of her life this holiday season after receiving the news that her cancer is back. The reality star has put up a tough fight, but she has also been honest from the start that battling cancer is no easy job. Earlier this week, she shared a public prayer for help.

"Dear God, All I want for Christmas is healing for all cancer fighters," the post read. "Amen."

The text was imposed over a glittery pink Christmas graphic. Holiday imagery like pine trees and reindeer antlers was interspersed with ribbons, the symbol of the fight against cancer in many cases. Chapman shared the post from a user named Harlequin Flowers.

As always, Chapman got an outpouring of support from her fans. The post picked up thousands of likes and shares, as well as lots of comments. The responders offered encouragement to Chapman and shared their own experiences with the fight against cancer.

"Amen. God Bless you Beth & your family," one fan wrote. "Merry Christmas! Have a great Getting Well New Year!"

Chapman was first diagnosed with throat cancer in September of 2017. She shared her difficult journey with followers and fans of the show. In November of 2017, A&E aired a special about the illness called Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. She was declared cancer free in the end, but the disease returned just last month.

Chapman was rushed to emergency surgery in the early morning of Nov. 27. She awoke unable to breathe, and surgeons soon discovered a "large mass" in her throat. Chapman is now back to fighting the cancer, which doctors say has spread to one of her lungs.

"She's still trying to cook and get involved in my bounties and business. She's still trying to do everything," Dog recently told Us Weekly. "Beth is the kind of girl who likes control. She's trying to still advise me on my work, and I'm like, 'Honey, I was the Dog the Bounty Hunter before I met you. Stay out of it!'"

Dog also revealed that Chapman is not following all of the doctors' orders this time around. She has reportedly returned home to Colorado against their recommendations, and is avoiding her prescription medications.


"I don't listen to the bad news. I don't want to hear it... I pray a lot, anywhere. I cry all the time," Dog went on. "I'm a sinner. I pray a lot. I have done double that. I constantly ask God to heal my honey and make sure He takes care of it. I've been telling Him that I'm going to try and quit smoking and cursing. I'm a dealmaker, and I'll do anything."