Bergen Williams, 'General Hospital' Actress, Dead at 62

Actress Bergen Williams passed away earlier this year according to a tweet by her sister. Williams died on July 20 from Wilson's Disease, though the news has just now been reported to the public. The 62-year-old actress was best known for playing Quartermain family maid Alice Gunderson on General Hospital, among several other roles.

Williams' sister apparently got control of the actress' Twitter account on Tuesday and informed fans that she had passed away. She posted an obituary reading: "Bergen Williams succumbed to the ravages of Wilson's Disease surrounded by loving family. Bergen was a writer, inventor and actress who played Big Alice on the TV soap General Hospital." She captioned the photo: "Rest in Power Bergen Williams."

According to the Mayo Clinic, Wilson's Disease is "a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in your liver, brain and other vital organs. Most people with Wilson's disease are diagnosed between the ages of 5 and 35, but it can affect younger and older people, as well." Copper is important for some biological functions, but once those are met most bodies will excrete the excess through bile. The build-up caused by Wilson's Disease can be life-threatening if untreated, but if caught in the early stages it can be managed indefinitely.

According to Bergen's sister, the disease actually forced her to leave Hollywood. She wrote: "Her disease made it impossible for her to speak her lines the same way as before so they made her quit. I'm sad they didn't just give Big Alice Wilson's Disease on the show so she could keep acting and keep her healthcare! Dang GH!!!!"

"It is really too bad. The disease is rare and she could have given it more attention and visibility for others who suffer from it. It is a terrible horrible disease," she added in a later reply to a fan. Bergen's sister also wrote that the family is working on publishing a formal obituary and letting the public know about her passing where possible.

In addition to General Hospital, Bergen was known for appearances in movies like Lord of Illusions, Clifford and Go for Broke, as well as TV shows like Nip/Tuck, 7th Heaven and Raising Hope, among many others. She got her first credited screen role in 1990 in the TV movie The Knife and Gun Club, and was last credited for General Hospital in 2015.

Bergen's sister continues to interact with fans on social media while they continue to mourn her passing. So far, there is no word on public memorial services of any kind.