'Bennett's War' Star Michael Roark Impressed by Co-Star Trace Adkins' Big 'Presence' (Exclusive)

Despite being the star of his upcoming movie, Bennett’s War and grabbing enviable roles in Magic Mike and Dolphin Tale, actor Michael Roark is humbled to be working with a slew of phenomenal stars throughout his career, and admittedly couldn’t help but appreciate his co-star, Trace Adkins’ big “presence” in their new movie.

"I mean, look at this guy," Roark told PopCulture exclusively on the red carpet premiere in Nashville Tennessee, as he reached out toward Adkins' direction. "I mean that voice too, it's just like butter. He's a great guy, he's very smooth on camera. He's got such a presence to him, and yeah, it was a joy. Love Trace!"

With his portrayal of Marshall Bennett, a young soldier who becomes injured after an IED explosion, Roark has the honor of playing the on-screen son to Adkins' character, Cal Bennett. As the story unfolds, with plenty of drama and emotion tugging at your heartstrings, Cal is having trouble paying the mortgage on their family home and Bennett ends up doing the unthinkable.

"Well, he's a solider," Roark says. "He was a former motocross champion. He goes off to war, and he has some bad injuries — spinal and leg injuries — and he has to come back. So now, he's a character who can't walk, can't work that well, and he's back on the farm with his father — played by Trace Adkins — and he's gotta find a way forward [while] trying to find a way to support his family."

"I play Marshall's dad," Adkins explained. "Supportive but at the same time very cautious and not quite sure if I should be aiding him in this thing he's trying to do. You know, trying to get back into motocross racing ... but end up giving in."

Adkins admits he likes the "whole message of the movie."

"You know, the indomitable spirit," Adkins added. "This guy being told that he would never ride again, and then he's gonna prove everybody wrong." Adkins continued to explain that it's just a "feel good" story.

The 57-year-old is also a huge supporter of U.S. troops working with organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project. A big reason he feels so passionate about this movie is not only that it highlights America's troops, but there are real soldiers used for some of the scenes.


"[And] it touches on that a little bit and all the guys that were in the scenes where they were in combat ... those were real soldiers. All real soldiers and I thought that was very cool that they used those guys to make this film," he explained. "I work a lot with veterans organizations and do USO stuff, and so it's near and dear to my heart."

Bennett's War hits theaters Aug. 30.