Braless Bella Thorne Spotlights Her Filthy Fang Clothing Line

Bella Thorne is confidently showing off her new clothing collection, Filthy Fangs, posing in her underwear for a sexy new snap this weekend.

The Midnight Sun star posted a series of photos to her Instagram in which she poses in pink underwear, a silver belt, cropped Filthy Fangs shirt and a black hat while chilling in her hotel room.

bella thorne
(Photo: Instagram/Bella Thorne)

Fans loved the actress' sultry new photos and her eclectic style.

"So sweet, angel!" one fan commented, while another commented, "I'm in loveeeeee with this shirt!"

And although a couple Instagram users were quick to criticize Thorne's state of undress, fans quickly jumped to defend her.

"Show that body all you want! Don't listen to your haters," one said, with another adding, "She's grown, that means she can do whatever the hell she wants."

Earlier this year, the former Disney Channel star revealed she had been sexually abused until the age of 14, a confession Thorne explained in a recent interview with Under The Influence didn't come easy.

"I've been thinking about saying it for a really long time. I was just very sad," Thorne recalled. After confirming the abuse on social media, she remembered thinking, "'Oh f—, do I delete it?' Then I was like, 'No, Bella. You just let it stay on there.' And then I didn't say anything about it for awhile."

The 20-year-old also went to her manager about wiping the details from the internet.

"He was like, 'Is it bad? Bella, there's nothing bad about this. This is good. You are not any less of a person because this has happened to you,'" she shared. "It was one of the first times that someone had actually said that to me since it happened and it really meant the world to me."

The star has been supportive of the Time's Up and Me Too movements, but clarified that her on-set interactions never went beyond "flirtatious things."

"I've had people flirt with me. I'm not surprised nor shocked nor offended... I've never, luckily, been put in those situations but maybe I was put in those situations my whole life," she said.

She continued, "I know that most of the time when people are directors or writers it's a light flirtation. You're working on set for 19 hours a day with these people. It's very easy to mistake something that they're saying as something else. Maybe it is really what they mean; I'm lucky enough that I haven't been put in any situation in Hollywood that has been bad enough in that sense where I'm like, 'Oh, f—. This is scary. What am I going to do to get out of here?'

Thorne also cast a negative light on her time as a Shake It Up star at the Disney Channel, claiming that the network threatened to terminate her contract over a bathing suit photo she posted.


She said, "They said, 'Your lucky that Bella has such a fan base that we can't afford to fire her at this moment in time but if she does one more other thing, we will.'"

Photo credit: Instagram/Bella Thorne