Bam Margera Slammed on Instagram for 'Gay Keanu Reeves' Caption

Bam Margera continues to post bizarre Instagram posts amid his journey to sobriety. The Jackass star took to the social media platform to post a selfie with friend Chris Charles alongside a caption that some of his followers labeled homophobic. "Gettin makeup and s— with Gay Keanu Reeves for a quick shoot," he captioned the photo, tagging Charles.

"Homophobic," one Instagram user wrote.

"I hope you are the last of the generation who still makes fun of gays," another said.

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Margera, 40, has been working on his sobriety in rehab following a public plea for help. Earlier this week, he posted a photo making it very clear just what is at stake in his sobriety struggles. He posed in front of a handful of suitcases and wall art, which showed a skull with a military helmet with the words "live or die" emblazoned on it. The skull is surrounded by beer and liquor bottles. Margera captioned the photo, "I came here with nothing, along the way I gathered this much s—."

Margera's fellow tattoo enthusiast and friend Kat Von D took to Instagram to reach out to Margera, sharing a video of the two drawing together at his inpatient facility.

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"Getting sober was not easy for me," she wrote alongside the video. "Even though it's gonna be 12 years in July that I celebrate being clean from drinking and drugs, I still clearly remember the physical pain from withdrawals, the profound desire to die, and the overwhelming sense of loneliness I felt that day I decided to quit."

Von D added that in this time of "big changes," she realized who her "real friends" were, saying that for her, she had left "almost no one."

"On day two of detoxing, I was failing to talk myself out of killing myself when a friend came over, and found the most pathetic/vulnerable version of me on my apartment floor," she admitted. "He said, 'Come on, Kat. Get up and let's draw.' I managed to scrape myself up somehow, find a piece of paper and whatever pencils were laying around."

She continued, "Looking back, I realize he was just helping me put one foot in front of the other. Maybe it was just a distraction, or maybe it was his way of helping me refocus on the one thing that has always saved me from myself. Either way, it's what I needed at that time, and I am so grateful to that friend."

Von D tried to channel that transformative moment into her visit to Margera, saying, "And man, it was beautiful to spend time together and draw!"

"I'm so proud to see Bam sincerely trying to make such meaningful changes — as hard as it is being away from family and home," she wrote. "No one ever sees the struggle, or the ugly painful moments that take place behind the scenes unless you're in it yourself. And this 'Instagram' version of 'life' that the public sees doesn't hold a candle to reality."


As everyone has their own struggles, Von D urged, "I wish we would all be so much more gentler to each other. Especially on social media. People are so quick to judge, criticize and even make fun of others, especially when people are going through s— [I know this from personal experience being on the receiving end of hate]. And sometimes, all we really need is support in the form of kindness."

She ended with a sweet note for the Viva la Bam star, telling him, "I'm so f—ing proud of you, and can't wait to see all the amazing things you're gonna do."