Ariana Grande Makes First Public Appearance Since Pete Davidson Breakup

Ariana Grande reportedly performed live on Tuesday night in spite of her recent break-up with [...]

Ariana Grande reportedly performed live on Tuesday night in spite of her recent break-up with fiance Pete Davidson.

Grande was scheduled to sing for a pre-taped TV special about the Broadway musical Wicked on Tuesday night. The special, titled A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway, will air later this month, and Grande was not about to miss her chance to be on it just because of the current news cycle. A video published by TMZ shows her belting out an impressive rendition of "The Wizard and I" in spite of all the recent drama in her life.

Neither Grande or Davidson have addressed their break-up in any public posts or statements in the last few days. However, on Monday evening, Grande took to social media, assuring fans that she would be at the taping of A Very Wicked Halloween no matter what, seemingly because of the headlines about her engagement.

"Honored to be included in this celebration of 15 years of my favorite musical of all time," she wrote. "Wouldn't miss it for the whole universe #wicked15."

She included a picture of the script for her chosen song, which is a hopeful anthem about a meeting between two strangers bound by destiny.

"By my looks, he won't be blinded / Do you think the wizard is dumb?" the song goes. "He'll say to me, 'I see who you truly are / a girl on whom I can rely!' / and that's how we'll begin."

News that Grande and Davidson had split up broke on Sunday night, though numerous reports suggest that it was brewing for some time. The young couple captured the minds of millions this summer with their whirlwind engagement, coming just weeks after they began dating.

Sadly, their break-up has been attributed, in part, to the passing of Grande's long-time ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. She and the rapper dated for years, working on a number of iconic collaborations and even standing as an example of hope when Miller attributed his recovery from drug addiction to their relationship.

A few months after they broke up, Miller was found dead in his home of an apparent overdose. Grande was viciously hounded by his fans on social media, and blamed for his passing despite calling their relationship "toxic" near the end. While she made it to Wicked, she has canceled several high profile shows and appearances as she works through her feelings.

Meanwhile, Davidson has also reportedly canceled a stand-up gig which was scheduled for Wednesday in light of the news.