Anthony Bourdain's Suicide Appears to Be 'Impulsive Act,' Investigator Says

Anthony Bourdain's suicide was not thoroughly planned, according to investigators.

Prosecutor Christian de Rocquigny spoke with media after French authorities concluded their investigation into the Parts Unknown host's death and revealed their conclusion that Bourdain's suicide was hastily done.

The chef was found dead in his hotel bathroom on Friday morning. He was found hanging from his bathrobe belt in the bathroom of his hotel room.

"This leads us to suspect that not much preparation and premeditation went into the act, and leads us more in the direction of an impulsive act," de Rocquigny told The New York Times.

De Rocquigny, who is the prosecutor for Colmar in the Alsace region of France, said their findings also ruled out foul play in the case.

"There is no element that makes us suspect that someone came into the room at any moment," he told the Associated Press.

As a result of these findings, his agency wants to close the case and get Bourdain's body returned to the U.S.

"The case is closed," he told The Times. "There is no indication of any involvement by a third person, and we're ready to give the body to his family."

The only pending aspect of the investigation into Bourdain's death is the toxicology results. They have no indication that Bourdain was abusing alcohol or drugs in the day leading up to his death, but the blood tests will still provide insight in case that is actually the case.

"This is solely to give the family more information about the motivations and the cause of death," de Rocquigny said. "We have no indication that he was consuming alcohol the days before his death or changed his behavior."

Not much is known about Bourdain's final hours. He was set to eat dinner with friend Eric Ripert on Thursday night, but he did not show up. He then also missed a breakfast with Ripert on Friday morning, which caused his friend to grow concerned.

Ripert and a hotel receptionist soon entered Bourdain's hotel room and discovered his body in the bathroom.

Ripert has released a brief message dedicated to his close friend, but has not revealed any other details.

"Anthony was my best friend," Ripert wrote. "An exceptional human being, so inspiring [and] generous. One of the great storytellers who connected [with] so many. I pray he is at peace from the bottom of my heart. My love [and] prayers are also [with] his family, friends and loved ones."


If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Photo Credit: NBC / Lloyd Bishop