Former Reality TV Star Annabelle Neilson's Funeral Attended by Kate Moss and Other Celebs

Celebrities turned out in full force for the funeral of former Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson on Friday.

Neilson was a staple of British reality TV, and a prominent socialite in London. According to a report by E! News, that became especially clear on Friday when stars like Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler showed up to pay their respects. The service was held at St Paul's church in Knighstbridge, London. Neilson was 49 years old.

The reality star was reportedly found in her home earlier this month, having already passed away. A coroner identified the cause as a "cerebrovascuar accident," or more simply, a stroke. However, her sister Camila Neilson issued a statement calling her death a heart attack.

"My parents and I are devastated and shocked by this news," Camila added.

Neilson had worked as a model for many years, making it no surprise to see Moss and Naomi Campbell at her funeral. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the two delivered a reading together during the service. Meanwhile, Tyler was joined by her husband, David Gardner, and her Lord of the Rings co-star, Bloom.

Neilson was perhaps best known for Bravo's Ladies of London. She appeared on seasons one and two of the series, and a third was made without her later on. She was also an author, having written a series of children's books called The Me Me Me's. There were three books in the set — Dreamy Me, Messy Me and Angry Me. Each one was meant to teach kids the dangers of specific behavior patterns.

Neilson also worked on The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, along with such collaborators as Amanda Holden, Andy Murray, Bear Grylls, Coleen Rooney, Denise van Outen, Jamie Oliver, Juliette Norton, Kate Moss, Kylie Minogue, Leigh Francis, Nick Grimshaw, One Direction, Paul McCartney, Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart, Ronan Keating, Take That, Tom Daley, and Wayne Rooney.

The story followed a half-girl half-dinosaur hero on a journey searching for home. Each section was written by a different celebrity.


Neilson had worked closely with designer Alexander McQueen for a long time, often referred to as his muse and best friend. She had an infamous penchant for partying and substance abuse, including a brief but highly publicized addiction to heroin. However, the Westminster Coroner's Court assured reporters from the Daily Mail that her passing was natural.

"If we have concluded there will not need to be an inquest, you can assume that Ms Neilson died of natural causes," they stated.