Anna Faris Opens up About Romance 5 Months After Split From Chris Pratt

Anna Faris is reportedly doing well in the wake of her divorce from Chris Pratt, telling an interviewer on Friday that she is still "a romantic."

Faris and Pratt have had a very public break-up this year, dividing their property and learning to co-parent their 5-year-old son, Jack. On Friday, Marie Claire published an interview with Faris where she explained that her life is never as sensational as it seems in headlines.

“It feels like it's more dramatic than it is," she said. "Chris and I have a great friendship and Jack is so happy and so loved.”

Faris has described herself as a romantic in many interviews before, when asked if this latest divorce has shaken that spirit in any way, Faris reportedly took a deep breath before answering.

“I do think I'm a romantic because I love the small things in life," she said. "Just like the little pleasures of life that feel like secrets. I still always want to keep that as a part of my life, does that make any sense at all? Maybe. I don't know.”

Faris is keeping herself busy during this turbulent time. She is currently touring the country promoting Overboard, which hit theaters last Friday, May 4. In addition, she has a very successful podcast, and she continues to star in one of the highest-rated sitcoms on TV, Mom.

Her acting work has become a parallel of her real life, as Faris plays a single mom both on TV and in the movie currently in theaters. She told the reporter that she loves that “both of my characters — Christy in Mom and Kate in Overboard — are really proud. It's not a search for a man. It's sort of like, This is a game of survival and how do I provide food for my kids? Roof over their heads?"

"And also make sure that I'm not compromising them," she continued. "I like the idea that, even though I play desperate, broken women, that there's still a lot of pride behind who they are, and they wouldn't want their kids to see a weaker version of themselves.”

Faris is working to take more command of her public image as the story of her family continues to dominate the headlines.


“One of the reasons I started my podcast [Anna Faris Is Unqualified] was because it felt like I had been fighting being a public person for a long time,” she admitted. “I didn't understand its purpose. I didn't understand why I had to do it. Then it felt like, This is an interesting way for me to get to talk to strangers about problems that we all have outside of the context of celebrity. And also to be able to control a sense of my narrative, because I was feeling like I have no control over this."

"I think a lot of actors would describe themselves as more introverted than most people would think, because there is that feeling like, you get to hide behind a character. Then, when you do press, you suddenly feel exposed and you have to analyze yourself in a public forum, which is incredibly uncomfortable.”