Anna Faris Finally Reveals Huge Engagement Ring in New Photos

Actress Anna Faris is finally showing off her huge engagement ring on social media after news broke last month that the couple was engaged. After recording a segment of her podcast Unqualified with actor Jason Biggs, Faris shared a picture to her Instagram account that showed off the gorgeous rock. As she posed with the American Pie actor, her hand was on his chest after confessing the two had become "best friends." While fans were excited to see the photo, a lot of her followers thought they were engaged.

One person wrote, "Thought you guys got engaged [laugh emoji]," while someone else echoed, "[Laughing out loud] that first pic had me thinking you guys got engaged."

Another follower commented, "I thought this was an engagement photo for a second.... I was like what [heart emoji]."

Faris is actually engaged to cinematographer Michael Barrett. The beans were spilled last month when her Mom co-star Allison Janney broke the news unexpectedly telling Us Weekly they the two have "been engaged for a long time."

"I went into her room to work on lines [for the show], and then I was like, 'What is that ring on your finger?'"

She then made a public apology through Entertainment Tonight saying she wasn't "sure if I was suppose to spill the beans."

"I don't always follow up on everything," she continued. "Someone asked me on the red carpet about the engagement and I'm like, 'Of course.' ...I don't think it was my news to share. So I think from here on our, I'll let Anna speak about her life."

"All I know is I love her very much," she added.


Rumors of their engagement first started back in November 2019 when she was seen wearing the aforementioned ring out in public. The sweet pair have been together since 2017, which wasn't long after she and ex-husband Chris Pratt separated. Pratt, also recently got married to now wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. Pratt and Schwarzenegger got married last June and since then have had fans gushing over their love.

Pratt and Faris share their 7-year-old son Jack together.