Angelina Jolie Meets Fan With Tattoo of Her Entire Face, Smoking in New Photo

Angelina Jolie had a surprising run-in with a fan this weekend that must have felt like looking in a mirror. The actress posed for a photo with a young fan who had her entire faced tattooed on his arm. Jolie graciously signed the tattoo. Jolie attended a showing of the musical Dear Evan Hansen in London, England on Saturday. The West End production is getting rave reviews, and it looks like Jolie had a good time as well.

Jolie chatted with the cast at the play, including Alex Thomas-Smith, an actor serving as the standby for the parts of Jard and Evan Hansen himself. Smith has a simple tattoo of a line drawing of Jolie, with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a plume of smoke drifting up past her face.

Judging by Smith's photos, Jolie was flattered by the portrait. She smiled in one photo with the actor, and kissed him on the cheek in another. After that, she signed his arm beneath his tattoo in marker, and fans encouraged Smith to get the signature covered in tattoo ink as well.

"Today in WHAT IS MY LIFE, the beautiful Angelina Jolie came to Dear Evan Hansen," Smith wrote. "I showed her my tattoo of her... and she loved it, SIGNED IT, kissed me on the cheek and said she would be back to see my Evan show. I will never recover from this."

Friends and fans went wild for the post, congratulating Smith and sharing in his excitement.

"Awhhhhhh yay!! I don't think I'd be able to breathe if this happened to me," one wrote.

"You need to go get that signature tattooed before it goes away," added another.

"I want to like this a thousand times. I came to see Dear Evan two Fridays ago and adored it. I hope I get to see you as Evan one day soon," a third person commented.

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical written by Bej Pasek, Justin Paul and Steven Levenson, which first premiered in 2016 on Braodway in New York City. The show is about a teenager with social anxiety, who makes friends by asking them to sign the cast on his arm. Things get out of hand as he implies his involvement in more and more extreme tragedies to get attention from classmates.

The play earned six Tony Awards and three more nominations in its first year, and it is just getting started. The West End production runs well into 2020, while a Broadway version is still running as well.


The show is also on a national tour in the U.S., booked out through September of 2020.