Angelina Jolie Reportedly Reunites Briefly With Brad Pitt

While their pending divorce has led to a pretty messy public perception over the last several months, it sounds like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally getting along as the couple reportedly had a brief family reunion.

According to Hollywood Life, Brad realized that he would be in England at the same time as Angelina and the kids, so he reached out to her and asked if he could see them.

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Jolie agreed and it's reported that the visit completely turned Pitt's life around and he's now said to have a whole new lease on life.

A source close to the situation said, "Brad used his European vacation to do some serious soul-searching and try to find some meaning in his post-Angie life…The highlight of Brad's trip however, was a quick, Angie-approved, visit with his children in London."

They continued, "Brad is back home now with a new perspective on his life, his career, and his place in the world. Brad is hopeful about his future now that he has returned stateside after the whirlwind trip that included several countries."

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Brad isn't the only man Angelina has reunited with lately, as she's also recently been rebuilding her relationship with her once-estranged father, actor Jon Voight.

She was so intent on severing her connection to him that she legally changed her name to Angelina Jolie, dropping the Voight last name that she was given at birth.

The most publicly glaring moment of separation for the two, though, came in 2002 when, after she'd legally changed her name.

Voight did an interview and brought up his relationship, saying, "I'm broken-hearted... because I've been trying to reach my daughter and get her help, and I have failed and I'm sorry. Really I haven't come forward and addressed the serious mental problems she has spoken about so candidly to the press over the years, but I've tried behind the scenes in every way."


About a year later she brought up her father's comments in her own interview, elaborating on why his comments were so damaging. "They could have decided he's right, she's crazy, let's remove that child from her custody, and that's unforgivable. My father and I don't speak. I don't believe that somebody's family becomes their blood. Because my son's adopted, and families are earned."

Interestingly, it wasn't until Brad Pitt came into the picture that things improved between the father and daughter. Pitt reportedly encouraged Angelina to reconcile with her father and, eventually, she did.