Andy Chaves, Katastro Singer, Dead at 32 After Accident

Andy Chaves, singer of Arizona pop-rock band Katastro, has died after a tragic accident. He was 32 years old. According to Read Junk, Chaves was involved in a car accident, along with 2 other individuals, on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California on Thursday.

While it was Read Junk that identified Chaves as being involved, it was ABC News 7 that first reported on the fatal accident. The news outlet stated that Chaves and the other two people were killed when the vehicle they were traveling in collided with some construction equipment on the morning of May 12th. This information was reported relayed by the Newport Beach Police Department. Per ABC News 7, the NBPD stated the vehicle was "traveling eastbound in the 300 block of Pacific Coast Highway around 12:45 a.m. when it struck a curb and then hit the construction equipment, ultimately leading to the death of three passengers."

In addition to the tragic fatalities, three construction workers were reported to have suffered minor, non-life-threatening injuries. Police stated that they were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Ultimately, the incident led to PCH being "closed in both eastbound and westbound directions from Superior Avenue to Riverside Avenue." At this time, the crash investigation is ongoing, and authorities are encouraging anyone with information regarding the accident to contact Traffic Investigator Austin Lavery at

Katastro does not appear to have yet issued a statement on the sad news, but fans have been taking to the band's Facebook page to comment their sympathies on some past posts. "I'm so gutted. RIP Andy," one fan wrote. "You and the rest of Katastro truly made some of the best music in existence and you will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family, friends, and band brothers. Words can't describe this loss."


Someone else added, "It makes my heart hurt that I found your music because of a tragedy, you guys have amazing music and I'm instantly a fan. I hope that when you guys are done grieving we can see more from you guys, you are a very impressive bunch of artists. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend." A final fan wrote, "I am at a loss for words upon hearing of Andy's passing yesterday. He was so kind to us and their music was amazing, as always. You will be greatly missed, Andy!"